What happens when one company and its partners set out to eliminate 80% of the negotiation for an entire industry?

Join us and find out.

At The Contract Network, we are revolutionizing private markets transactions by drastically reducing negotiation times, starting with M&A NDAs. Our advanced AI-powered contract collaboration platform, combined with market data and the re-use of existing work product, is designed to make the NDA process fast and frictionless for the entire private markets community.

Moneyball Case Study:

M&A NDA Negotiations

Discover the inefficiencies and our solutions. Our groundbreaking study, “NDA Moneyball,” analyzed over 20,000 M&A NDA deal points and found that over 80% of NDA negotiations are unnecessary and do not impact final agreement terms. This comprehensive report challenges conventional negotiation strategies and advocates for a market-based approach.

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The Contract Network for Investment Banks

Speed Up Deals and Reuse NDA Work Products

  • Efficient NDA Management: Our AI-driven platform and Market Match™ capabilities enable rapid and consistent NDA drafting and negotiation, reducing the burden on bankers.
  • Flexible Business Model: Banks can license our platform directly or engage with managed service partners, such as Integreon, to oversee the entire NDA process end-to-end.
  • Advanced Capabilities: Our platform supports the management of other key transactional documents, including Indications of Interest (IOIs), Letters of Intent (LOIs), and Engagement Letters.

Key Features

  • AI Playbook Comparison: Leverage AI to compare playbooks and streamline negotiations.
  • Project Dashboards: Gain insights and track progress with intuitive dashboards.
  • AI Receipt Report: Automatically generate reports to maintain transparency and accountability.
  • Organized Repository: Store and organize documents by deal or counterparty for easy access and retrieval.
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Comprehensive Managed Services with Integreon

For investment banks seeking a seamless and hands-off approach, our collaboration with industry-leader, Integreon, provides a managed service model that ensures:

  • Zero Burden on Bankers: We and our partners handle the entire NDA process, contracting directly with sellers and limiting banker involvement to escalations only.
  • Speed and Efficiency: With our proprietary Market Match™ to eliminate needless negotiation, reuse of existing work product, and our AI-powered platform, your NDAs will get done faster than ever.
  • Pricing and Cost Savings. Our bundled pricing per NDA and ongoing commitment to cost reductions offer a transformative and compelling approach to M&A transactions.
  • Full Transparency: Defined SLAs, metrics, and transparent progress reporting keep you informed every step of the way.

Going Beyond NDAs

Our platform is not limited to NDA management. We support a variety of critical documents, including:

  • Indications of Interest (IOIs)
  • Letters of Intent (LOIs)
  • Engagement Letters
  • Many more

With The Contract Network, streamline all aspects of your transactional documentation and bring deals to market faster.

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The Contract Network for Private Equity Firms

Streamline Deal Review and Optimize Compliance

Private equity firms can enhance their transaction processes with The Contract Network’s platform, offering:

  • Efficient Review of Third-Party Documents: Utilize our AI-driven platform to match NDAs and other documents to your internal standards and to market benchmarks.
  • Simplified Compliance: Track obligations, including standstills and non-solicits, ensuring that all terms are adhered to efficiently.
  • Reduced Workload: Minimize the time associates spend on NDA negotiations and reduce the dependency on external legal resources.

Key Features

  • Market Match™: Ensure that third-party documents align with market norms to streamline negotiations.
  • AI Playbook Comparison: Quickly compare third-party documents to your internal standards for faster reviews.
  • Project Dashboards: Monitor deal progress with intuitive dashboards, ensuring all team members are updated.
  • Obligation Tracking: Keep track of all obligations, including standstills and non-solicits, for simplified compliance.
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Going Beyond NDAs

Our platform supports more complex transactions, including:

  • Limited Partnership Agreements
  • Side Letters
  • Limited Partnership Interest Transfers

With The Contract Network, streamline all aspects of your transactional documentation and manage more complex undertakings with ease.