AI Implemented by The Experts

At The Contract Network, our leaders have been pioneering the use of AI for legal use cases since 2004.

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Founder’s Introduction to AI on The Contract Network

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We started by leveraging AI to review tens of millions of emails for the world’s largest banks and their regulators. We then developed patented solutions for using AI to identify privileged and relevant content. And most recently we helped build the market leader in using AI to analyze the agreements of global enterprises.

Our unparalleled experience in deploying AI at scale means that our customers can count on us to responsibly and securely incorporate AI into their use cases in a way that will have the largest impact.

Where will AI contribute to your experience in The Contract Network?

We are working hard every day to streamline negotiations and to ensure that you are getting the best outcomes from rapidly emerging AI.

Here are examples of current and pending use cases where AI will help you to achieve better outcomes on The Contract Network.

  • Rapidly developing data models for new use cases
  • Carefully reading agreements and making them “data from the first draft”
  • Powering obligations management and contract compliance
  • Inferring Contract Profiles™ from your templates and negotiations
  • Analyzing agreements to compare them to your standards and to summarize changes from draft to draft
  • Surfacing insights from prior negotiations and enabling you to repurpose them
  • Assisting with contract drafting and revisions
  • Confirming consistency between definitions and section cross-references
  • Delivering analytics – identifying personal and market trends

Road Rules for Responsible AI

We recognize the importance of responsible AI usage on our platform, especially when handling sensitive legal agreements.

We have established the following road rules for AI to ensure trust, transparency, and integrity:

  1. Guardrails and Transparency: We utilize openAI responsibly, implementing guardrails for alignment with known data models and maintaining transparency in decision-making processes.
  2. Confidentiality and Data Security: We prioritize customer data confidentiality and security, implementing strict controls to ensure only authorized access and delivering macro-level market insights without jeopardizing individual agreement confidentiality.
  3. AI as an Enhancer: We view AI as a tool to augment human decision-making. Our customers retain control over their decisions, with AI insights available to help them make better choices more efficiently.
  4. Fairness and Bias Mitigation: We are a “proactively neutral” platform and aim to promote fairness and equity in all aspects of our business. This includes avoiding any abuse of AI and ensuring a level playing field during contract negotiations.
  5. Clear Communication: We advocate for transparent communication with customers about data usage, AI capabilities, and available support and training resources.

By adhering to these road rules, we provide a secure, reliable, and effective platform, enabling our customers to make the most of emerging AI with confidence.