Committed to Collaborative Contracting

Our mission is simple. Enable businesses to negotiate agreements up to 10x faster. Foster transparency and better outcomes by providing all parties to an agreement a first-class and neutral platform to collaboratively manage their contract compliance.

Executive Team

Our founders and leadership team have served as leaders at some of the largest companies in the world, including Blackstone, DocuSign, Nasdaq, and Bank of America. 

They have experienced the drag that contracting delays can have on the performance of any business, and have come together with a common vision of fundamentally changing the way that contracts are negotiated and managed. 

There is a massive community of business executives and professionals who want the same thing for their contracting process – collaboration, standardization, structured data … and of course speed. We’re building a unique platform to support these priorities, and with the collaborative community’s help we believe we can shape the future of contracting.

Jim Wagner, CEO & Co-founder

Business executives want faster contracting. Period. Every agreement looks different, but the issues are always the same. It’s such a waste. We founded The Contract Network to solve this problem.

Bill Murphy, Co-founder

I’ve felt the pressure to get deals done faster, and I’ve also had to answer to my auditors, regulators and board as to what our contracts actually say. It’s a catch-22 for every general counsel and executive … until now.

Bettina Drake, Chief Legal Officer

I believe that business leaders fundamentally want to do the right thing.  They want to lead, to innovate, and to move their businesses forward.  When it comes to contracting, we just need to give them the tools they need to do it.

Phil Richards, Chief Technology Officer

Modern contracts practice demands progress more than precedent. I’m deeply committed to supporting a community – the students, the entrepreneurs, and the practitioners – working to make contracts practice better.

Jeff Ward, Special Advisor