What happens when one company and its partners set out to eliminate 80% of the negotiation time for an entire industry?

Join our market study and help us find out.

We invite the healthcare and life sciences community to participate in our market study aimed at eliminating unnecessary waste in clinical trial agreement (CTA) negotiations. Our goal is to bring care to those in need faster, a mission we share with all stakeholders.

For Sponsors

Streamline Massive Negotiation Workloads

Sponsors frequently negotiate hundreds, if not thousands, of agreements simultaneously. This massive and expensive undertaking often delays trial startup times, impacting patient care.

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Key Benefits for Sponsors

  • Rapid Negotiation: Leverage AI to match CTAs and related documents to market standards and internal benchmarks, reducing negotiation times.
  • Efficient Management: Track obligations and streamline compliance seamlessly.
  • Resource Optimization: Decrease reliance on external legal resources, reducing costs and freeing up internal teams.

Beyond CTAs Our Platform Also Supports:

  • Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)
  • Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)
  • Data Use Agreements (DUAs)
  • Licensing Documents
  • Other Agreements
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Our recent work in the M&A sector revealed that 80% of NDA negotiation issues are both predictable and avoidable.

We are excited to develop and share similar insights for the CTA community.

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For Sites

Simplify Complex Third-Party Negotiations

Clinical trial sites have to work through complex third-party agreements and are resource-constrained. Our platform helps streamline these processes, enhancing operational efficiency.

Key Benefits for Sites

  • Start with Industry Playbooks: Drafting and maintaining complex negotiation playbooks requires significant investments of time that mrrany site leaders don’t have. Join TCN and enjoy the benefit of default market-based negotiation playbooks ready to incorporate into your process.
  • Efficient Document Review: Use generative AI to align unfamiliar CTAs and related documents with your internal standards as well as market benchmarks, reducing administrative burden.
  • Simplified Compliance: Track and manage obligations with ease, ensuring regulatory adherence.
  • Resource Optimization: Minimize time spent on negotiations, allowing site staff to focus on critical clinical tasks.
Screenshot of an agreement analysis for a CTA