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The Contract NetworkTM

Negotiating on The Contract Network is different –

it’s designed to give you data from the first draft, it’s designed to make it easier to communicate with your peers and counterparts, and most importantly it’s designed to help you make decisions faster with every new agreement.

How will TCN benefit you?

First Class for Everyone

Whether you are a paying member, an experienced advisor, or a first-time guest, you’ll all have access to the same powerful tools and insights to get your deal done.

Collaborate and Close

Break down silos of “endless emails” and “redline ruts” and streamline the most painful points of contracting, from negotiation to compliance and renewal.

Invaluable Data

Every critical compliance point is captured natively from the first draft and, uniquely, made available to both you and your counterparties throughout the life of your relationship.

State-of-the-Art AI

Get access to cutting edge drafting and analysis technology with no investment or training required. You’re in charge, but it’s there when you need it.

Simplify Compliance

Say “goodbye” to email and “hello” to a simple and secure collaboration platform that will keep you and your counterparties on track with deadlines and compliance obligations.

What are people saying?

Leading companies share their experiences with The Contract Network.

“Our findings are not just academically intriguing. They support actionable changes in negotiation processes and demonstrate our ability to greatly increase both the efficiency and predictability of M&A agreement negotiations across the board.”

Jim Wagner

Co-founder and chief executive officer of TCN

“Interacting with TCN and watching the AI synthesize a massive amount of data has been instructive and educational. But the real reward is how invaluable these insights can be to how we serve our clients going forward.”

Bob Pile

Head of the US corporate practice and co-head of global corporate for Eversheds Sutherland.

“TCN has enabled us to both understand and enhance the dynamics of our deal negotiations in a manner that we believe will transform the efficiency of our interactions with the investor community, benefiting our sellers in the process.”

Brock Matthias

Managing director at VRA Partners, a boutique investment bank serving the middle market M&A community.

“We are delighted to have played a pivotal role in this market study with TCN. More significantly, we are pleased to be able to deliver these market insights and superior outcomes as part of our managed NDA solution offering on TCN.”

Gabriel Buigas

Executive vice president for contracts and compliance solutions at Integreon.

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